Emory Professor Charged with Child Pornography


DECATUR, Ga — An Associate Professor at Emory University is facing charges of child pornography after images were found on his computer.

Dr. Kevin Sullivan, an Associate Professor of Epidemiology at the Rollins School of Public Health at Emory University was arrested on June 15.

Sullivan was arrested by the GBI after they conducted a search warrant and found pictures of child pornography on his computer. The GBI has since turned the case over to the US Attorney’s Office for a Federal investigation.

Sullivan is charged with Sexual Exploitation of Children. The GBI would not say if the images of child pornography were found on his work computer or personal computer.

In a short statement, officials at Emory said “Emory is cooperating fully with the investigation. We are not at liberty to comment further.”

According to his bio, Sullivan has worked in public health for 37 years. His work has been published over 100 times. Some of his publications dealt with nutrition and young children, but none of the charges against Sullivan indicate he had any illicit contact with children.

Sullivan was originally arrested on state charges and released on $25,000 bond. The US Attorney’s office has filed a criminal complaint against Sullivan.

Young Dro Arrested On Theft Charge


The ”Shoulder Lean” rapper was also apprehended by an additional law enforcement agency in relation to an outstanding warrant for his arrest.

Atlanta, Georgia rapper Young Dro was arrested this past Saturday (March 28) on a theft change, according to reports on AJC.com.

The DeKalb County Sheriff’s Office charged Young Dro, given name Djuan Montreal Hart, with ”theft by conversion of leased or rented personal property for a February incident,” according to the publication.

In addition, a spokeswoman for the sheriff’s office said that on Sunday another law enforcement agency apprehended Dro in an unrelated incident.

“In the process, officers learned of an outstanding warrant for his arrest in DeKalb County,” spokeswoman Cynthia Williams said.

AllHipHop reports that Dro was released yesterday (March 30) on a $2,000 bail.

This isn’t Young Dro’s first run-in with the law. Back in 2012, he was hit with a $45,000 lien for failing to pay $45,139.99 in taxes dating back to 2007.

During the same year, Dro took to Twitter to announce that he was changing his name to 3krazy.

Philadelphia 15-year-olds murdered married father in failed robbery: cops


Two 15-year-old Philadelphia boys face murder charges for shooting a man while he walked his dog, firing the final round as he pleaded for his life, authorities said.

The cold-hearted teens and a 14-year-old boy targeted 51-year-old James Stuhlman for a robbery after they tired of playing basketball, police Captain James Clark told reporters.

“At one point, he did plead for his life,” Clark said Thursday at a news conference. “He said, ‘Please don’t shoot me, please don’t shoot me,’ and they shot still shot him one more time.”

Cops busted Brandon Smith on murder charges, but the hunt is on for the alleged triggerman, Tyfine Hamilton.

He’s considered “armed and extremely dangerous,” Clark said.

The 14-year-old faces lesser charges and has cooperated with detectives, police said.

Stuhlman usually brought his 13-year-old daughter along on the nightly walks through the city’s Overbrook neighborhood, but on March 12 he decided to go alone — a decision that may have saved her life.

The three boys were prowling the streets for a victim, cops said.

They considered another, younger man but settled on Stuhlman, because he seemed like an easier target with his little dog.

Upson County man accused of arranging to have sex with 14-year-old at Macon motel

Bibb County grand jurors indicted a 35-year-old Thomaston man Tuesday on allegations he traveled to Macon to have sex with a person he believed was a 14-year-old girl.

Benjamin Craig Standard is charged with criminal attempt to commit a felony and internet pornography, according to an indictment filed in Bibb County Superior Court.

Standard allegedly arranged a meeting July 31 at the America’s Best Value Inn on Hartley Bridge Road, according to the Bibb County District Attorney’s Office.

The indictment alleges he rented a room and placed sex toys and rope in the room.

Standard was arrested on the day of the alleged meeting after he arrived at the motel. The arrest followed a two-week investigation that involved an undercover GBI agent participating in Internet chats with Standard, according to the GBI.

He was released on the day of his arrest on $11,200 bond, according to jail records.

Atlanta police ask for help finding missing circus performer


Atlanta police are searching for a female circus performer from China who has not been seen since Monday morning.

Wei Cao, a performer with the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Presents LEGENDS, was last seen on Feb. 23. She was scheduled to perform later that day but did not attend. Crystal Drake, who’s a spokeswoman for the circus, said Cao is a member of the China National Acrobatic troupe and performs in a bicycle and juggling act.

Cao is supposed to leave with the circus on March 1. Police said she is a Chinese national citizen with no known mental or physical issues that would prevent her from returning to the circus on her own, according to police.

We reached out, and the circus sent us this statement:

“This is a police matter and Ringling Bros. is cooperating with authorities.”

CBS46 spoke to concert goers who are concerned about her.

“It’s very shocking, very shocking. My heart goes out to the family,” said concert goer Latonya Williams.

“It’s just very upsetting. I couldn’t imagine someone missing,” said concert goer Arnold Chandler.

Anyone with information related to this case is asked to call 911 or the Atlanta Police Department’s Adult Missing Persons Squad at 404-546-4235.

Transgender inmate sues for hormone treatments, safe housing



As a small child, Ashley Diamond wore a girl’s hairstyle and feminine clothing at home.

She went to kindergarten dressed as Jem, her favorite female cartoon character.

She told family members she was a girl — even though she had been born a boy.

Later, as a teenager, Diamond attempted suicide and was diagnosed with gender dysphoria, a gender identity disorder.

At age 17, Diamond began taking hormone therapy. Living as a woman, she developed breasts and other feminine characteristics.

Diamond, now a 36-year-old inmate at Baldwin State Prison in Milledgeville, filed a federal lawsuit last week contending that the Georgia Department of Corrections has denied her continued access to hormone therapy and hasn’t done enough to prevent her from being sexually assaulted.

“The crux is that prisoners don’t forfeit their rights to receive medical care and safe housing when they enter the prison gate,” said Chinyere Ezie, one of Diamond’s attorneys.

Details of Diamond’s childhood are included in her complaint.

She initially filed suit representing herself and asked for a court-appointed lawyer. After learning of the case, though, the Southern Poverty Law Center began representing her free of charge. The center is a civil rights organization that specializes in race, immigration and sexual orientation issues.

“We were moved by her story and her allegations,” Ezie said.

The suit, filed in U.S. District Court for the Middle District of Georgia, names several Department of Corrections employees, including the department’s former commissioner, Brian Owens, as defendants.

Contacted for comment on the suit, a department spokeswoman said the department doesn’t comment on active lawsuits.

Diamond is seeking a court order requiring prison officials to provide her with treatments for her disorder, among other demands.


Diamond entered prison in March 2012 after being convicted of burglary, theft, obstruction, escape and entering an auto in Floyd County, according to prison records.

Her gender dysphoria diagnosis was confirmed during prison health evaluations, according to the lawsuit.

Maximum security prisons house the “most violent” inmates and assaults are “frequent,” Diamond’s lawyers said, while sexual assaults against transgender inmates at medium-security facilities are “infrequent.”

In April 2013, Diamond was assigned to Macon State Prison, a maximum-security prison. Within a month, Diamond had been sexually assaulted, punched, stomped and knocked unconscious, the suit said.

She was transferred to Baldwin State Prison May 24, 2012, another maximum security prison, where she was again sexually assaulted by inmates, according to the suit.

Her lawyers contend that prison staffers were slow to respond, “lost” evidence and complaints that Diamond filed, failed to investigate and “told her she brought her assaults upon herself by being transgender,” according to the complaint.

In her nearly three years in prison, “she has been sexually assaulted more times than she would like to recount,” Ezie said.

In the next two years, Diamond was transferred from Baldwin State Prison to Rutledge State Prison, a medium-security facility in Columbus, then to Valdosta State Prison and back to Milledgeville.

While at Rutledge State Prison in December 2013, Diamond alleges that she was placed in solitary confinement on two occasions, at least one of them for “pretending to be a woman.”

While in solitary, Diamond tried to kill herself and tried to sever her penis with a razor, according to the complaint. Diamond’s lawyers say their client has attempted suicide and castration on multiple occasions.

They contend the Department of Corrections has protocols for how to manage transgender inmates, but those protocols have not been followed.

They also maintain that prison officials have not abided by instructions included in the Prison Rape Elimination Act.

Diamond is seeking preliminary and permanent injunctions requiring prison officials to give her treatment for gender dysphoria, allow her to live as a female and provide her safe housing.

She also is seeking injunctions requiring corrections personnel to be trained in the medical and safety needs of transgender inmates with gender dysphoria.

She also wants compensatory and punitive damages, along with declarations that her constitutional rights were violated.

Diamond’s maximum release date from prison is in 2023.

Woman beaten unconscious over hamburger



An Atlanta woman says she was attacked and badly beaten after an argument over a hamburger.

Myriah Pointer, 23, said her so-called friends kicked and punched her while recording the attack.

“I’m more hurt emotionally than physically,” Pointer said. “I was unconscious while they were beating me.”

Pointer has two black eyes, a chipped tooth and a concussion after the women, who she thought were her friends, beat her and videotaped it.

“By someone you called your best friend,” Pointer told Channel 2’s Tom Jones. “It was about a burger.”

Pointer said she was hanging out with her friends at an apartment complex on Saturday when one of the women accused her of sitting on her Whopper Jr.

“Like, the wrapper of the burger,” Pointer said. “Like, I didn’t even sit on her burger.”

Pointer told Jones that that’s when the women started punching and kicking her and wouldn’t let her leave.

Pointer said they told her, “You’re not going nowhere.”

While the attack went on, Pointer told Jones the 3-year-old child of one of the attackers and an attacker’s boyfriend watched.

She is now trying to get police to arrest them.

“They need to serve time,” Pointer said.

She told Jones that with friends like these, she doesn’t need enemies.

“I wouldn’t wish this on my worst enemy,” she said.

Police say they are aware of the video and are investigating.

Police: Couple left baby alone in van to go have sex



A Gwinnett couple lost custody of their children after an animal-control officer found a baby left alone in a minivan with its doors wide open while his parents were apparently inside their house having sex, a police report said.

County Animal Control Officer J. Brooks summoned police Feb. 13 after finding the crying infant in the vehicle at 1:30 p.m. and nobody would answer the door at the house on Highpoint Road near Snellville, Officer K.D. Adams wrote in the report. Brooks was responding to a concern about an animal.

Katrina Marie Norman, 32, eventually appeared after persistent knocking and said the baby was left alone for a few minutes. Norman showed up shortly after the house door was opened and slammed while Brooks and Adams waited outside by the van, which the officer said he found suspicious.

“I asked her why the infant was left unattended in the vehicle and why she did not answer the door earlier,” Adams wrote. “She then pointed at herself (attire). I asked what she meant then I realized that she was wearing a pink, one-piece lace suit, (mostly naked) covering herself with a blanket.”

Norman explained to police that she donned the lingerie to surprise her husband while he was carrying in groceries and that led to a “making-out” session. She said she was going to get the child when the officer heard the door open and then quickly shut again.

Norman’s husband, Louis T. Cope, told a similar story except that he advised the door slamming was when he went to get his son and finish unloading. The 23-year-old stated he put a “collar on Katrina and told her to stay,” Adams wrote.

Adams and Brooks then checked the brick ranch and found it filthy and in disarray with clothing and trash strewn on the floor, spoiled food in the refrigerator and the smell of feces and urine. The only possible groceries were pre-made sandwiches and soda, Adams wrote.

“As I passed through the living room again, I noticed a bottle of juice lying on the floor. Inside the juice appeared to have fungi growing,” Adams wrote. “I continued to the bathroom/laundry which was a little cleaner than the other rooms I had been in. While walking through the house Katrina made statements that she needed to clean….”

Norman said her older son and daughter were at high school. She also had a dog and “approximately three” cats.

UPDATE: Former Richmond County deputy allegedly used handcuffs, baton to “discipline” 12-year-old boy



An off-duty Richmond County deputy has been charged with physically abusing a 12-year old child.

At around 8pm Tuesday night, deputies responded to a home on the 2800 block of Anne Street, where off-duty Richmond County deputy Alton A. Walker was alleged to have been involved in the abuse of a child.

WARNING: The details of the story below may be disturbing to some.

Deputy Walker is accused of going to a friend’s house and attempting to provide discipline for an “unruly 12-year-old boy” whom he is not related to. Walker allegedly handcuffed the boy to a basketball goal in the back yard of the residence and striking him several times in the face with an open hand. Walker also is reported to have hit the child in the chest with his fist. The report goes on to say that Walker produced his taser and arced it “several times in an effort to scare the juvenile”, but it never made contact with the boy. Walker also allegedly struck the boy several times on his legs with his baton, but the only visible marks were on the boy’s wrists.

As a result of this incident, the Richmond County Sheriff’s Office terminated Deputy Walker and a criminal investigation has been opened by the District Acctorney’s Office. against him. Walker has been charged with False Imprisonment and Cruelty to Children in the 1st Degree.